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Arleta will email suggestions in 48 hours to help you solve problems, from composition, colors, suggestion of how to solve it in your painting medium. Arleta has Worked in all mediums.

Critique example

One of Arleta's e-mail critiques

What a fun painting. I love the texture in the vase, it adds to the feeling of the glass vase. I’m assuming the texture to the bottom right is more texture? Any time you add texture think of 3 places for it to be. So it moves the eye through the painting. I can’t tell if you have the texture in another place, perhaps the daisies?
My suggestion for this painting is to add more variety to your daisies. What I mean by that is, push a few more daisies into the shadows. They all seem very similar in value. Don’t start again, just GLAZE a few more daisies into the shadows. Keep your FRONT flowers the LIGHTEST and perhaps even add some of your fun texture so they POP OUT!  WOULDN’T THAT BE FUN?!
A tip for FUTURE paintings, is when you have a large group of flowers, variety is your friend. So different angles of the flower heads, buds, and light and shadows, makes for interesting paintings.
One last note is the FOOT of the vase, it seems off, higher on one side than the other side. NOW that might be just the angle you took the photo? So when I have that trouble, I use a SQUARE from the side of my surface, and check to see if the vase foot is square. Its so easy to get it off one side or another. The other way I check is to take a piece of tracing paper, draw a center line on the tracing paper, DRAW your BEST side of the vase and foot. Then take the tracing paper and FLIP IT, so you can see how it matches up on the other side.
I hope this helps, and if you have any questions on this critique, drop me an e-mail.
Happy Painting, and thank you for trying this critique.

I love helping artists!