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  1. 1.It does not matter whether an original work is copied in whole or in part (1% - 99%), copying art is an infringement of the copyright law. Students may learn from the teacher’s instructional materials, and then use the resultant art works for private use, that is to say as part of a not-for-profit event or exhibition. In this case, the student must sign the work in this manner: “John Doe, after Arleta Pech.”

  2. 2.Most art shows state in their rules that no artwork painted under an instructor’s guidance or as a result of an instructor’s DVD or BOOKS will be accepted, nor will such works be offered for sale. In reputable shows, jurors are instructed to reject any painting or artwork suspected of being the result of a class lesson, or suspected of being a copy in whole or part.

  3. 3.Excessive copying of another’s artwork (without creating one’s own images from “scratch") negates artistic growth. In a copied work, all artistic decisions have been made by the original artist. Under these circumstances, the student fails to develop his own vision. In the world of art, every individual vision is unique. It is this individuality which sets the work of one artist separate from the existing body of works.

  4. 4.Artists are encouraged to use products of all manner as still life subjects. However, if the object depicted contains a label or product emblem, the manufacturer must first grant approval for such use. Some companies simply refuse to allow reproduction of their products. If you are unsure whether an item, a label, or a pattern is protected by law, it is your responsibility to contact said company and inquire about permission to reproduce their material in a work of art.

  5. 5.Internet Hobby artists may not create e-mail images with my images. Especially after a e-mail stationary artist used my art work in an internet hobby. This image then showed up in a RUDE joke that is still being circulated on the world wide web. So please look for FREE images there are plenty out there, that way if its re-created in a rude way. Its not a reflection on the original artist.


Illegal DVD Copies sold on EBAY and other unauthorized sites -  hurts the artists willing to share their knowledge. Please buy direct from the artist or authorized stores Only!